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January 31, 2019 Wealth Transfer The Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning: How the 2017 Tax Act Changed the Tax Consequences of Marriage and Divorce Thomas Tietz shares his detailed notes from Carlyn McCaffrey’s comprehensive presentation on the consequences of the TCJA for marriage and divorce at this year’s Heckerling conference. Read More Top Ten Estate…

IRS Blesses Employer’s 401(k) Plan Designed to Provide Retirement Benefits Tied to Student Loan Repayments

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In an IRS Private Letter Ruling (“PLR”) issued last year, PLR 201833012, the IRS blessed a 401(k) plan design in which employees who repay student loan debt instead of making 401(k) employee contributions can receive employer retirement contributions to make up for missed 401(k) matching contributions. Incorporating a student loan repayment (“SLR”) feature into a…

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January 17, 2019 Wealth Transfer Modern Divorce Settlements Are About to Look A Lot Different Due to a provision in last year’s tax bill, the income tax ramifications of alimony payments will likely cause divorce settlements to look differently going forward. In response to the change, instead of requiring the wealthier spouse to pay alimony...

Introducing Pulse, by AALU

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Welcome Members! We are excited to introduce Pulse, AALU’s new e-newsletter. Curated by AALU, with input from the best and brightest in our membership, Pulse aims to save you time while keeping you on top of the most significant developments. We welcome and appreciate your feedback on this, as we look to continue to evolve…


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A U.S. District Court determined that the IRS did not follow applicable published guidance and therefore was not substantially justified in its position in pursuing claims for personal liability against the beneficiaries and fiduciaries for an estate tax deficiency.

In This Week’s Tax News – 18.03.02

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By Chris Morton, Armstrong Robinson, David Hollingsworth, and Jason Martinez Friday, 2 March 2018 This week David Kautter, the acting IRS Commissioner and Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy at the Treasury Department, said tax rules for pass-throughs might not be ready until early fall. He did say an initial notice could be released earlier that…

In This Week’s Tax News – 18.02.16

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By Chris Morton, Armstrong Robinson, David Hollingsworth, and Jason Martinez Friday, 16 February 2018 Washington has produced three significant tax laws in the last sixty days (TCJA, ACA Tax Delay, Extenders/Orphans). The outlook for additional tax legislation this year is not clear, but even the congressional tax writers would not have predicted this pace at…


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In a recently-released series of apparently related PLRs, the IRS has again reviewed the tax consequences of incomplete gift, non-grantor (“ING”) trusts of married spouses involving the transfer of community property.