Estate planning

Third Circuit Denies Coventry Motion to Compel Arbitration in Life Settlement Case Alleging Fraud and Bid-Rigging

Topics: Estate planning, Irrevocable trusts, Trusts

This case was an appeal to the Third Circuit by Coventry First LLC, a life settlement company, from a decision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Lincoln T. Griswold purchased an $8.4 million life insurance policy on his life that was sold after two years to Coventry First LLC.

Agent Who Received Premium Notices for Life Policy and Failed to Forward Them Owed No Fiduciary Duty to Beneficiaries

Topics: Estate planning, Fiduciary, Regulation

The appellate court reversed a jury award and remanded the case for a new trial in an action against UBS and Gordon Witherspoon by sisters Nancy Thompson and Barbara Clements. The sisters alleged that UBS and Witherspoon denied them the full value of a second-to-die life insurance policy purchased by their parents, Nancy and Albert…