How To Replicate A Stretch IRA, Why Retirees Are Wary of Annuities, Five Biases That Drive Clients, And More

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SEC Issues Final Standard of Conduct Rule For Brokers And Advisors Yesterday the SEC released a final standard of conduct rule that establishes a best interest standard of care for broker dealers, clarifies the fiduciary duty for advisors, and creates a standardized disclosure form both brokers and advisors. AALU is currently analyzing the details of…

Four Recent Lawsuits Claim Large Corporate Pension Plans Violated ERISA Through Use of Unreasonable Actuarial Assumptions

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“Top Hat” Plans — What are They and How Do You Know If You Have One


Nonqualified deferred compensation plans (NQDC), such as 401(k) restoration plans, other elective deferral plans, and supplemental retirement plans (SERPs), must limit their eligibility to a “top hat” group to avoid significant problems under ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). ERISA defines this group as a “select group of management or highly compensated employees.” Department…

WRN#18.01.17: Divorce Decree Suffices as QDRO Under ERISA to Require Insurance Benefit Payment to Non-Designated Beneficiary

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A U.S. Court of Appeals held that a separation agreement incorporated into a divorce decree, which required that the parties’ name their daughter as the sole beneficiary of any employer-sponsored life insurance, clearly specified the required information to qualify as a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) for purposes of ERISA.

ERISA Fundamentals – A Primer on Fiduciary Duties.

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To protect employees with regard to certain employer-sponsored benefits, ERISA imposes fiduciary responsibilities on employers and others plan manager and administrators, which can be enforced by lawsuits and civil penalties from the Department of Labor. Anyone that has discretionary authority with respect to the administration of a plan or the disposition of its assets is…

Fundamentals of Tax-Qualified Plans – Participation and Coverage Standards- What Everyone Should Know

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