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With the DOL revising its fiduciary rule, the SEC planning to propose a uniform standard of care, and an uptick in fiduciary proposals at the state level, there is a lot going on in the regulatory space. AALU continues to work to prevent regulatory agencies from promulgating rules that will make it harder for advisors…

State Auto-IRA Update- Congress Acts to Block DOL Rules Allowing State & Local Government Sponsored Retirement Programs

Topics: DOL, IRAs, Life insurance products, Regulation

Automatic IRAs allow employees to make contributions to an IRA run by a state or certain local subdivisions with automatic payroll deductions made and submitted to the state/locality by the employer (“State Auto-IRAs”). In 2016, the DOL issued regulations that provide State Auto-IRAs with a safe harbor exemption from ERISA requirements, while similar, private payroll…

Newswire Special- CBO Details Long-Term Budget Outlook – Senate Blocks Obama Provision for Municipal Retirement PlansDOL Officially Starts Process to Delay Applicability Date of Fiduciary Rule

Topics: DOL, Fiduciary, Regulation

On Tuesday, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) completed its review of the DOL’s proposal to delay the April 10th applicability date of the fiduciary rule for 60 days. The proposal was published this morning in the Federal Register, which starts a 15-day comment period on the advisability of extending the applicability date.