PODCAST w/ Reed & Gottheimer; SEC Best Interest; EC Spotlight: McHenry; Retirement & Cybersecurity

Topics: Congress, Regulation, Retirement security, SEC Fiduciary

March 15, 2019 A Republican and a Democrat Walk Into a Recording Studio….Part Two “When people come to our offices or send us a note, it makes such a difference.” “Get engaged. Stay engaged.” The value of committed constituent advocates isn’t the only thing these two unusual Members of Congress agree on. Tune into the…

Nevada Best Interest Reg; PODCAST; Inside the Problem Solvers Caucus; Congressional Vacancies; Liability Heads Up on Data

Topics: Advisor standard of conduct, Best interest, Congress, DOL, Fiduciary, NAIC, Regulation, SEC

March 08, 2019 AALU Submits Comments on the Nevada Standard of Care Proposal In January, the Nevada Securities Division (NSD) proposed a set of fiduciary rules, implementing a law enacted in 2017. The NV law that this regulation is based on expanded the types of financial professionals that are subject to Nevada’s existing fiduciary standard.…

Best Interest & Clawback Comments; AALU Ambassadors Engage with New Members; Endorsed Candidate Spotlight

Topics: Best interest, Congress, Estate tax, NAIC, Regulation

February 22, 2019 In-District Spotlight – AALU Members Engage Lawmakers at Home When Members of Congress leave D.C. and head back to their home States, it’s sometimes referred to as “recess.” Lawmakers call this time in-district work periods. Most members use this time to traverse the sometimes-vast geography they represent to dedicate quality time with…

Federal & State Regulatory Outlook, Democrats Roll Out Wealth Taxes, Democratic Prez Primary Heats Up, and More

Topics: Congress, Tax reform

February 01, 2019 Beyond the Headlines Welcome to the shutdown reprieve. A bicameral conference committee has fourteen days left to find a deal that satisfies President Trump and Congressional Democrats. Left to their own devices, Appropriators could undoubtedly strike a deal, however, through the first week of negotiations, the President and many Congressional Democrats stuck…

Final Pass-Thru Guidance Issued (199A), Shutdown Update, and More

Topics: 199A, Capital gains, Congress, Regulation

January 25, 2019 Beyond the Headlines The shutdown continues. The State of the Union is postponed, as is Republican lawmakers’ annual planning retreat. Affected government employees will miss their second paychecks of the shutdown today. AALU joined with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 384 organizations calling on Congress and the President to end the…

Uncharted (shutdown) Waters; THANK YOU Ambassadors!

Topics: Congress

January 18, 2019 Longest Shutdown on Record Now on its twenty-eighth day, this shutdown is the longest in U.S. history, eclipsing the 1995 shutdown during the Clinton administration, which lasted twenty-one days. There have been twenty government shutdowns since 1976, and they have occurred for diverse reasons and under different circumstances. The government has shut…

Introducing Decoding D.C.

Topics: Congress

January 04, 2019 Dear AALU Member, We are excited to introduce Decoding D.C., AALU’s new weekly Government Affairs product covering essential policy and politics for the advisor. Given everything else you have to keep track of for family, clients, and practice – tracking what’s happening in D.C. can be overwhelming. Decoding D.C. will give you…

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