Tracy Mawyer

Chief Financial Officer


Bucket List:
I hope to live to see a world without cancer and attend New Year’s Eve in NYC.

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:
Ronald and Nancy Reagan

My first job was working in the children’s section of our town library when I was in high school.  During college, I spent the summer months working at Atlantic Mutual Insurance doing various tasks assigned to me by the Vice President and the Controller’s assistants.  After graduating from college, AALU was my first ‘real’ job.  I started in the Government Affairs department, then moved to the Executive Office and Meetings department and finally settled into the Finance department where I found my true home within AALU.

My Life at AALU:
I am responsible for all things financial.  I truly enjoy balancing numbers and having a debit for every credit.

Office: (703) 641-8130

Hometown: Born in Albany, NY and grew up in the NY, NJ, Connecticut area until moving away after graduating college

Education: Radford University

Family:  Tracy and Kevin live in South Riding, VA with their two children and their dog.