Mike Walter

Political Affairs Manager

Bucket List:

My bucket list includes running for office and watching the Buffalo Bills finally win the Super Bowl.

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:

I would dine with my great grandfather, who served in World War II, George Washington, and John McCain.


My first job was stocking shelves third shift at Walmart, which helped me appreciate the value of hard work (and coffee). My first “political” job was knocking on doors and managing volunteers on a congressional campaign. The pace, excitement, and the feeling of making a difference is what hooked me to politics.

My Life at AALU:

As a member of the political team, I am proud to serve our members by empowering them to develop and cultivate relationships with members of Congress and enhance their influence in our political system.

Education: BA, Mercyhurst University; MPS, George Washington University

Office: (202) 742-4633

Hometown: Erie, PA