Gonzalo Abrigo

Director of Operations


Bucket List:
I want to travel to the Patagonia with my sons.

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:
I would dine with my maternal grandfather, Pedro Mayorga.

Past Experience:
First job was as a server in a Pizza place at the Denton Mall. I was a volunteer soccer player for about 18 years and had the opportunity to coach my son’s teams.

My Life at AALU:
I am responsible for the day-to-day operations in a manner that supports the mission and values of the organization. My responsibilities include planning, management and resource development of projects. I work with AALU Team and other organizations to support AALU strategies and core programs. 

Office: (703) 641-8126

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Education: North Texas State University (UNT now)