Elizabeth DeMeyere

Advocacy Manager


Bucket List:
I will need to update my Bucket List because this year I get to cross off two of my top items: climbing mountains in New Zealand and having a baby! It would be great to, one day, catch a homerun ball at an MLB game.

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:
I’d love to hear George Washington talk about Virginia in the 1700s, his firsthand account of crossing the Delaware, and the things he said in his Farewell Address, no doubt filled with humility, wisdom, and genuine love for this country.

I often wonder how I ever could have complained about lifeguarding in the sun with my friends for 6 summers! I’m coming up on a decade in Washington, working on several political conventions, a presidential election, and 5+ years of government relations and political advocacy work at associations.

My Life at AALU:
My goal at AALU is to use my experience and passion to promote political engagement. Politics reach well beyond what we see in the news every day, and I want to encourage people to be involved so they can advocate for their families, businesses, and beliefs. I work with our members and carriers to expand their advocacy capabilities and run our Capitol Hill Club (CHC) fly-in as part of our Annual Meeting each spring.

Office: (202) 742-4644

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Education: Hillsdale College (Michigan) – Political Science B.A.

Family: Elizabeth lives with her husband, Rich, in Sterling, VA and they are expecting their first child later this summer.