Elaina Loveland

Director of Content


Bucket List:
I want to start traveling to a new country each year to see as much of the world as possible. I also plan to get certified to teach Dance for Parkinson’s classes (which are dance/movement classes for Parkinson’s patients to help improve their mobility and delay the progression of the disease).

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:
Edith Wharton, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward (a late 1800s bestselling novelist), or my great-grandmother, Paulina Hussar

My first real job was working at Revco (a drugstore like CVS) in high school. I’ve also worked in a library, at a ceramic arts center and as a college English instructor and a ballet teacher. Most of my career I have spent working in association publishing and communications. I had my first book published at age 28; that book is still in print and in its fifth edition.

My Life at AALU:
My role at AALU is to help communicate the value of belonging to AALU through content that could be in many different formats such as online content, printed content, webinars, professional development content and one day, hopefully, videos and podcasts as well.

Office: (703) 641-8112

Hometown: Panama, New York

Education: Goucher College and George Mason University