Bethany Irvine

Government Affairs Coordinator


Bucket List:
Publish some sort of novel and backpack across Europe

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:
I’d dine with Louisa May Alcott and Carol Burnett

My first job was writing and editing for my college newspaper where I learned critical management skills and gained experience working in rapidly-changing environments. After graduation,  I moved to DC to work in federal relations for my alma mater before joining AALU.

My Life at AALU:
I manage our Government Affairs office and oversee the schedules of our very busy team members. Additionally, I provide administrative and project support to our Executive Vice President, Vice President, Assistant Vice Presidents, and Political Affairs team.

Office: (202) 742.4638

Hometown: Longview, Texas

Education:BA in Political Science and Communication from Texas A&M University, Currently at Georgetown University