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The most successful life insurance sales professionals join AALU. Some join to help grow their business through networking and professional development. Others join to protect their clients from unreasonable government actions.

Download AALU's Member Benefits Brochure

For your investment, you’ll receive tools and opportunities to benefit your clients:

Networking Opportunities
Learn from the most successful professionals in the life insurance and related markets. AALU's Annual Meeting in Washington, DC is the premiere meeting in the industry featuring world-class speakers, expert presenters and the opportunity to educate Congressional leaders about the value of life insurance products.

Professional Development 
Industry leading insight and analysis created by recognized legal, tax and market experts – not generic information available to anyone – with unlimited distribution rights. 

Client Advocacy
Becoming personally involved in educating government leaders is a one-two punch: You help protect your clients and gain an advantage over competitors unaware of the impact of government actions. 

Leadership Growth
Use your market knowledge or subject matter expertise to help guide AALU. 

Successful applicants must meet be one of the following:

  • A producing agent 
  • An agency manager 
  • A brokerage general agent
  • Work in the home office of a carrier, producer group or insurance agency in the advanced underwriting area
  • A professional such as an attorney, CPA, trust officer or specialist whose practice includes the advanced uses of life insurance products
  • On the staff of an AALU member

All applications must include:

  • The names of three current AALU Members who will serve as sponsors

Annual Membership Fees
Membership Annual Fees: $2,057

Membership fees may be paid by check or by credit card - monthly, quarterly or annually.

Click to download the AALU Member Benefits Brochure.

If you are, or someone you know is interested in becoming a member of AALU and
would like additional information please contact