Benefit of Membership #1

Advocacy - Protect Your Clients

AALU is the voice in Washington to help you defeat excessive regulations and increased taxation on Capitol Hill. That puts money and time back in your pocket.

  • AALU advises regulators
  • We influence legislation.
  • We promote the profession.
  • We align the industry.

The Benefit of AALU’s Work

Our work helps individuals and families secure their retirement and maintain financial independence in the face of potential catastrophe. AALU members also work with businesses large and small to protect their employees, finance benefit plans, and provide liquidity in a crisis to preserve the business as an ongoing concern.

Traditional AALU Markets:

  1. Preserve the current, appropriate tax treatment of life insurance products for both individual and business uses.
  2. Secure estate tax permanence and certainty.
  3. Protect Corporate and Bank Owned Life insurance along with current treatment of non-qualified deferred compensation plans.

Broader Industry Issues:

  1. Shape workable regulatory standards of care emerging from DOL, SEC, NAIC, or other relevant regulatory bodies.
  2. Promote and expand access to retirement savings vehicles and plans provided by the life insurance industry, by advocating for policy proposals such as the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA).
  3. Defend against detrimental changes to carrier taxation in aftermath of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Results from the 2017 Tax Reform: Read Here

Benefit of Membership #2

Professional Development - Build Your Business

In the competitive marketplace, differentiation is your key to success. AALU provides members with critical, up-to-date news as it happens to keep them in the know and help their business excel.

Missed an update? No problem – the AALU digital content library is best in class, offering members access to a treasure of AALU’s exclusive content. Our members get the updates they need when they want it, and how they want them.

Build Your Knowledge

Through the AALU Newswire, social media alerts, web content, AALU provides you with critical news and information. We provide the most up-to-date information, when you want it, how you want it!

Digital Library of AALU’s Preeminent Content indexed by Category 

  • The Washington Report
  • The Newswire
  • Strategies for Success: Decoding Tax Reform Webinar
  • Decoding Tax Reform

Can’t find what you need? Join an issue committee and we will work with you to build it with your colleagues.

Benefit of Membership #3

Networking & Connect - Strengthen Your Community

Through AALU, members can enhance the professional credibility and visibility of their business by belonging to the most respected and widely known trade association in the United States. AALU is the only place attendees can network both through a digital platform and at Transform in Washington, D.C.

Transform is a three day immersive event that will elevate the way attendees think about business. Networking with top financial advisors and leadership, perfecting their craft and growing their business with up-to-minute market trends, and spending the day on Capitol Hill advocating on behalf of their clients. This is a can’t miss event for all of the financial and retirement security community, whether you’re building your business or are a legend in the industry.

Why Attend Transform

  • Three-day immersive event with over 1,000 leaders in the industry
  • Connect with trusted members of the AALU Community

Get Involved in Committee Work and Policy Development. Our Members supply the guiding vision to all that AALU does from policy development to the annual meeting.

Enhance Your Reputation & Brand

Members can enhance their professional credibility and visibility by belonging to one of the most respected and widely known trade associations in the United States.

  • Join the AALU Speakers’ Bureau – Be someone we can tap to participate in our industry webinars or write an article on our behalf
  • Include an AALU badge in your email signature and on your website
  • Join industry leaders on a visit to Capitol Hill
  • Submit thought leadership articles and videos
  • Become an Ambassador
  • Attend a Congressional Event

The greater your engagement, the greater your professional recognition that only comes from being recognized as a leader among your peers.

From the Members

Question 1: What is your favorite member benefit?

A: For me, the best member benefit is the networking and education I get from being involved in AALU. It gives me a chance to really tune into the issues that are important to our industry.

– Chuck Anderson, Prudential

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From the Members

Question 2: Why did you Join AALU?

A: I joined because I love what I do—and organizations like AALU help protect our business and our clients.

– Ivan Watanabe, The Guardian Insurance Company of America

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From the Members

Question 3: Why do you attend the Annual Meeting?

A: The Annual Meeting speakers are great, and I can bring a lot of information back to the office.

– Maz Kamaruddin , AXA

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Membership Pricing

  • Full Member | Over 40 years of age
  • $2,057 per year
  • $171.42 per month
  • ACCESS Member | Under 40 years of age
  • Years 1-3 | $75/Month
  • Year 4 | $129.75/Month
  • Year 5+ | $171.42/Month

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