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Since 1957, AALU has been the leading organization of financial professionals who provide life insurance and retirement planning solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. AALU has a rich history of success with a single focus on the issues impacting life and annuity products, and the clients its members serve. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AALU is committed to providing our members with the essential tools and services required to help grow their businesses, serve their clients, and protect the financial and retirement security of the American people.

Join more than 4,000 industry professionals who include career and independent advisors, managers, and home office professionals. AALU is your partner in advancing your career, your business and your profession.


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ACCESS is geared toward early career, aspirational financial security professionals focused on taking their business to the next level.
ACCESS provides members the tools to grow their practice and connect with trusted members of the financial security community, building relationships and learning valuable lessons along the way. ACCESS invests in individuals dedicated to the financial security profession, giving them the platform to connect with others like them – sharing stories of where they have been, tools to help them get where they’re going, and ways to accomplish their goals by leveraging the knowledge of AALU’s core membership

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Become a Diversity & Inclusion Partner!

Our Mission

At AALU, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of life insurance’s changing landscape as our profession becomes more representative of the American people. AALU is committed to helping lead the charge in driving that change, providing our scholarship sponsors and their field forces with the tools and knowledge to grow in diverse marketplaces.

Diversity Scholarships

The life insurance community provides financial security for all different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, ages, sexual orientations, and religions. These varied backgrounds are the fabric of our nation and should be represented on Capitol Hill as we educate key political and regulatory figures on the importance of our profession.

As a third-party organization, AALU provides Diversity Scholarship investors with knowledge aggregated from across the life insurance marketplace on how to build a diverse field force and inclusive culture. Diversity Scholarship investors also receive content and tools that will help their producers grow their businesses, enhance their personal brands, and protect their clients. Perhaps most importantly, diversity scholarships will facilitate a stronger, more engaging voice for the life insurance community at a time when it has never mattered more.

AALU Diversity Scholarship investors allow us to represent a bigger, broader cross-section of people so we can more effectively promote the profession and those who depend on it.

Please let us know if your company would be interested in becoming a diversity scholarship investor.

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Become a Stakeholder!

As an AALU Member, you have firsthand experience when it comes to the value of membership.

Your Mission

Share your personal and professional experiences as an AALU member with member prospects to help increase the membership of AALU.

In return, you will:

  • Expand and deepen your network of financial security professionals.
  • Raise the awareness and visibility of the profession.
  • Help other financial security professionals reach the pinnacle of their career.
  • Strengthen AALU in representing the needs of financial security professionals.
  • Receive recognition and get rewarded for your efforts. The reward will be based on the number of members you recruit during the AALU fiscal year.

It’s Simple!

If you prefer to work on your own, then please start recruiting today! The only requirement is that your prospect MUST list your name under STAKEHOLDER on their Membership Application.

If you need help with recruiting new advisors, AALU can provide a list of prospective members. Email Suzy Jacobs at jacobs@aalu.org and he will get you a list of leads.

If you prefer to work within a team environment, then you may want to consider joining one of our Leadership Teams. This is a great way to meet other members within your organization who are also interested in the benefits of AALU.

Choose the option that interests you the most and go for it!

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Become a Thought Leader!

AALU has many opportunities for members to get involved. Check out the committees below to see how you can help advance not only the organization, but the profession at large. For information on how to join a committee, contact Amanda Arnone at (703) 641-8147 or arnone@aalu.org.

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Want to learn more about membership? Contact Joe Mosimann, Assistant Vice President of Membership at jmosimann@gamaweb.com.