Jeri Turley of Winged Keel Group Named Inaugural Chair-Elect of New Financial Security Association  

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Jeri Turley of Winged Keel Group Named Inaugural Chair-Elect of New Financial Security Association  

Turley will serve as Chair-Elect of the new organization created by AALU and GAMA International to unify the financial security profession

WASHINGTON, D.C.—AALU, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting, and GAMA International announced today that Jeri Turley, Principal of Winged Keel Group, will serve as chair-elect of their inaugural Board of Directors. Turley joins the Board as the two groups form a new organization.

“We are beyond grateful for Jeri’s leadership over the years at AALU and as we take on this new chapter,” said Marc Cadin, president and CEO of AALU and CEO of the new organization. “Jeri will help us take this organization and our representation of the profession to the next level. We are elevating the financial security profession, and Jeri is the leader to guide us in accomplishing this mission.”

“Jeri’s exceptional leadership on the AALU Board is a testament to what she will bring to our new organization in this role and eventually chair,” said Bonnie Godsman, CEO of GAMA International and president of the new organization. “A strong leader for such a pivotal time in the profession and the organization is just what we need – and Jeri undoubtedly fits that bill.”

Turley is a principal of Winged Keel Group, an M Financial firm with offices across the country, where she leads the firm’s Richmond, VA, and Washington, D.C. operations. She previously served as Chair-Elect of AALU’s Board of Directors and officially assumed the role for the new organization on February 18, 2020. She also serves on the Board of Directors of M Financial Holdings, Inc.

“I believe in the power of advocacy and how meaningful our efforts through this unified new organization are to our members and consumers,” said Turley. “I’m excited to become Chair of the Board next year, when managing our post-election agenda will be crucial. It is also an honor to continue Winged Keel’s longstanding leadership in the industry and represent the growing diversity within it.”

AALU and GAMA International announced on July 29, 2019 that they will be uniting to create a new organization. The new organization will be the first of its kind in the industry by bringing together advocacy, leadership and professional development, and seeking to elevate the profession. Together, the new organization will work to unify 345,000 financial security professionals. On February 14, 2020, stakeholders officially approved the creation of the new organization and the new Board with an astounding 98 percent approval. The full list of officers and Directors can be found here.

About AALU

AALU, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting, is the leading organization of financial professionals who provide life insurance and retirement planning solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. AALU has a rich history of success with a single focus on the issues impacting life and annuity products, and the clients its members serve. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AALU is committed to providing its members with the essential tools and services required to help grow their businesses, serve their clients, and protect the financial and retirement security of the American people.

About GAMA International

GAMA International is an independent national nonprofit organization 501(c) (6), founded more than 85 years ago. GAMA International is the only association dedicated to promoting the professional development needs and leadership skills of first-line and front-line leaders in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry.