Incoming Freshman Members of Congress

 63 of the new members are Democrats (60 in the House | 3 in the Senate)
37 of the new members are Republicans (31 in the House | 6 in the Senate)
40 of the new members are women (36 in the House | 4 in the Senate)
60 of the new members are men (55 in the House | 5 in the Senate)

  • In the House, there are 235 Democrats and 199 Republicans (only the contested race in North Carolina remains undecided). In the Senate, there are 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats.
  • The newest members of the 116th Congress have a diverse résumé. There are at least four former professional athletes: two NFL Football Players, one professional hockey player and one mixed martial arts fighters.
  • At least 24 of the new members elected to the House this cycle are people of color, including the first Native American women. All of the newly elected senators are white.
  • Twenty-one percent of the Congress is Hispanic, Native American and people of color, another record.
  • It is a highly educated group. More than 70 percent of the freshman class went to graduate school. A third of them have law degrees and 12 have MBAs. Seven freshmen earned at least two graduate degrees.
  • At least 19 members of the incoming class have served in the military. Six served in the Army, 11 in the Navy, and two in the Air Force.
  • There are at least five medical professionals: three doctors, one dentist, and one nurse.
  • Five worked in education or were teachers.
  • Even though this is the youngest freshman class since 2011, the 116th Congress will be, on average, 58.5 years old, the same as the last Congress, and about a year older than the 114th.
  • The 116th Congress has a record-breaking number of women, 125.