First-of-its-kind organization, will bring together GAMA’s leadership and professional development strengths and AALU’s best-in-class advocacy

“This is the start of a unifying effort that will bring together the entire profession so that we can better serve our members and increase our impact.” – Marc Cadin
“With AALU’s advocacy strengths and GAMA’s top-notch leadership and professional development, the opportunities will be endless.” – Bonnie Godsman



Why We Are Forming a New Organization?

This is about securing the future of the profession, bigger than any one organization. By joining forces, we can make a greater impact for our members and the people they serve. We have the opportunity to represent and bring our entire profession together, advancing and growing the work we do.

We will significantly strengthen the advocacy efforts on behalf of the profession, we will be able to offer more impactful programs that help develop leaders and provide better training for those getting into the profession, all to elevate the profession and give the entire field a more impactful voice.

What’s Next?

We will begin integrating our operations starting July 30, aiming to be operating as one no later than June 2020. During that time, we will carry out thorough market research to determine the name, dues structure, member segmentation, and collect feedback as we develop the new organization.

We want to hear from you. Our team will be starting a listening tour in the coming months, visiting dozens of locations, meeting with members, corporate stakeholders, and partners. Please let us know if you want to get involved.



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