Diversity & Inclusion


At AALU, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of life insurance’s changing landscape as our profession becomes more representative of the American people. AALU is committed to helping lead the charge in driving that change, providing our scholarship sponsors and their field forces with the tools and knowledge to grow in diverse marketplaces.

Diversity in Action | Women’s Engagement Forum

AALU hosts Diversity Engagement Forum IMPACT sessions in Washington, DC.  The IMPACT programs are designed to help build successful, engaged producers who become Ambassadors for the industry on Capitol Hill. The industry needs advocates to communicate with our legislators for the benefit of our clients. In order to be effective, the Ambassadors going to the Hill need to reflect the constituents of our legislators.

Diversity Scholarships

The life insurance community provides financial security for all different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, ages, sexual orientations, and religions. These varied backgrounds are the fabric of our nation and should be represented on Capitol Hill as we educate key political and regulatory figures on the importance of our profession.

As a third-party organization, AALU provides Diversity Scholarship investors with knowledge aggregated from across the life insurance marketplace on how to build a diverse field force and inclusive culture. Diversity Scholarship investors also receive content and tools that will help their producers grow their businesses, enhance their personal brands, and protect their clients. Perhaps most importantly, diversity scholarships will facilitate a stronger, more engaging voice for the life insurance community at a time when it has never mattered more.

AALU Diversity Scholarship investors allow us to represent a bigger, broader cross-section of people so we can more effectively promote the profession and those who depend on it.

Please let us know if your company would be interested in becoming a diversity scholarship investor.

Annual Meeting Diversity Summit

The Diversity Summit serves as a platform for diversity officers among various organizations to hold an open discussion of how integrating diversity and inclusion fosters success at every level of our respective organizations and the marketplace.

AALU’s first two summits included panel presentations of outside consultants/AALU members and talked about diversity best practices in the workforce, workplace and the marketplace.

AALU held its third Diversity Summit at its 2018 Annual Meeting. AALU Diversity Scholars (attendees invited by our diversity partners), corporate leaders from across the industry who are tasked with broadening diversity for their organizations as well as AALU’s Board of Directors attended the session.  A panel including AALU members Leo Tucker (NM), Luis Chiappy (AXA), and Peter Chung (NFP) discussed various diversity efforts and their importance to the industry. AALU’s Diversity Committee Chair, Julie Schneider, moderated the session.


AALU is hosting more Diversity and Inclusion webinars on topics like succession planning from the millennial perspective, financial planning for the modern family, and millennial marketing. Let us now if you have a topic you would like to recommend.

We Want to Thank our 2019-2020 Diversity Partners


Suzy Jacobs

Senior Vice President of Business Development