Congress’ Summer Work Period: Educate Your Representatives – the Easy Way!

Join the growing number of AALU members who are meeting their representatives through AALU’s Political Affairs department. Building relationships with lawmakers and their staff – is a crucial part of what we do as an organization to promote and protect the profession. Share your stories to educate your representatives, and show how your business benefits the community. Structure your meetings based on this guide and be sure to mention some of these facts that demonstrate the importance of the profession!

AALU’s Political Affairs team handles all outreach and scheduling and will fully prepare you to ensure the process is simple and easy. Many AALU members have already begun this process, and some have even completed the process in July. If you aren’t able to fit a meeting in during August, we highly suggest calling your Members of Congress’ office, writing letters, and attending town halls.

Want to meet with your representatives? Questions about best practices? Wonder if advocacy is right for you? Reach out to Josh Caron at to get involved!