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How To Replicate A Stretch IRA, Why Retirees Are Wary of Annuities, Five Biases That Drive Clients, And More

Topics: Advisor standard of conduct, Annuities, Business uses of Life Insurance, Defined contribution plans, ERISA, IRAs, Key man, Life insurance products, Qualified Plans, Regulation, Retirement security, SEC

SEC Issues Final Standard of Conduct Rule For Brokers And Advisors Yesterday the SEC released a final standard of conduct rule that establishes a best interest standard of care for broker dealers, clarifies the fiduciary duty for advisors, and creates a standardized disclosure form both brokers and advisors. AALU is currently analyzing the details of…

IRS Ruling on ILITs, Helping Aging Clients, Trustee Duties, IRS Expands EPCRS Program, and More

Topics: COLI/BOLI, Estate planning, NQDC, Tax reform, Trusts

May 23, 2019 WRMarketplace: The IRS Expands EPCRS Self-Correction Program To Cover Plan Loan Failures and Certain Other Operational and Plan Document Failures The IRS’s recently issued 2019 Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) update makes common plan failures simpler and less costly to correct. Particularly for smaller plans that may have found the new…

Retirement Income Strategies, What Boomers Need, Future of Insurance Regulation, and More

Topics: COLI/BOLI, IRS, NQDC, Regulation, Retirement security

May 09, 2019 Assets Under Management The Flooring Approach: Creating a Baseline for Retirement Income The flooring approach to retirement income involves building a baseline income to ensure mandatory expenses are met annually, while still having upside potential in your retirement portfolio for non-essential expenses. In this Forbes piece, Jamie Hopkins discusses the fundamentals of…

Comparing Retirement Income Strategies, SCOTUS Case on State Taxation of Trusts, Section 1035 E

Topics: 401(k), Estate planning, IRS, Qualified Plans, Regulation, Retirement security, Trusts

April 25, 2019 Wealth Transfer U.S. Supreme Court Hears Case on States’ Ability to Tax Trust Income A case with significant implications for States’ ability to tax trust income was before the U.S. Supreme Court on April 16, when oral arguments were heard in the case of North Carolina Department of Revenue v. Kimberly Rice...