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DALAL Capital Advisors
AALU Member Since 2014

In 2014, Sagar joined his father, Mayur, in the family business. 

Sagar assists in all facets of the business, including wealth management, life insurance, estate, charitable and tax mitigation  planning.

He has joined AALU’s TRANSFORM 2019 Program & Experience Committee. He will be volunteering to create a comprehensive and insightful experience.

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Strategies for Wealth
AALU Member Since 2008

Chet is a Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and a Financial Representative of Guardian. Chet brings a “Protection First” philosophy to his discussions to help ensure that any client success already achieved is insulated from outside economic influences that could potentially result in myriad kinds of wealth diminishment. 

Chet is also a member of the AALU Board and Co-Chairs the Member Services Committee. His ability to bring a diverse perspective to the Association’s strategy is essential as AALU continues to broaden its vision and grow the membership.

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Intergenerational Legacy Planning Opportunities in the Wake of the COVID-19 Crisis

Statutory “hurdle rates” published by the IRS remain attractively low and, coupled with depressed asset values in many sectors, create opportunities for clients and their advisors to amplify the benefits of intergenerational legacy planning using loans between grantor trusts with different GST tax attributes, leveraged sales to grantor trusts that are exempt from the 40%…

Deferring Compensation to Conserve Cash During the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

While a number of companies have cut compensation to employees due to the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, other companies withless dire business conditions may still need to deal with shorter-term cash constraints. Companies looking to defer current cash payments to top-paid employees could consider several strategies, including (1) deferring current 2020 salary…

Free Fallin’ – Plummeting Interest Rates Create Opportunities During Turbulent Times

Planning approaches tied to certain statutory “hurdle rates” established monthly and published by the IRS have become particularly attractive under today’s market conditions, particularly as the benefits of the low rates are further amplified by severely depressed asset values. As a result, clients and their advisors may consider revisiting intra-family loans, grantor trust installment sales,…