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Meghann McKenna

Meghann McKenna, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC

Owner & Financial Adviser, McKenna Financial

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Question: Why are you involved with AALU?

Answer: “AALU’s in-depth content and updates like the Washington Report and the WR Newswire help me stay on top of current industry changes to better serve my clients.”

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Jerry Borrowman, CLU, ChFC, CAP, MSFS

Director Advanced Markets, Penn Mutual

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Question: What is your favorite member benefit?

Answer: “The Washington Report is outstanding for keeping in touch with current events and trends in advanced markets. I use it to communicate with attorneys and CPAs to keep them updated, and to let them know of our expertise in advanced client situations.”

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Gregg LaSpisa, CLU

Regional President & Divisional Executive Vice President, AXA

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Question: What is your favorite member benefit?

Answer: “The best member benefits are the daily political updates and having the chance to network with other top producers in the industry.”

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Warning Will Robinson: Tax Reimbursement Clauses May Cause Problems.

Topics: Grantor trusts

As creators (“grantors”) of irrevocable grantor trusts must pay the trusts’ annual income taxes without receiving any trust benefits, advisors typically suggest incorporating a tax reimbursement power that gives the trust flexibility to reimburse the grantor for the tax payment. Despite their prevalence, however, tax reimbursement powers must be crafted and used with care, not…

Improving Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Returns Using Life Insurance: A Framework for Life Insurance Professionals

Join us as Chris Kaplan, Vice President of Specialty Markets & EPG Sales at AXA US, builds upon his Annual Meeting presentation. Chris will discuss using a quantitative framework to better position life insurance as an asset class, with practical applications for life insurance professionals. Chris will walk through how this quantitative framework is applicable…

Outlook Not So Good:  Tax Court Speaks to Possible Estate Tax Treatment of Generational Split Dollar (GSD).

Topics: Estate planning, Irrevocable trusts, Split-dollar, Trusts

For the first time, two very recent Tax Court opinions (Est. of Cahill v. Commissioner and Est. of Morrissette v. Commissioner) have discussed the court’s view of the estate taxation of economic benefit GSDs. These arrangements generally involve a parent who enters into a private split-dollar agreement with a life insurance trust agreeing to pay…

New DOL Rules on Disability Claims May Impact Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans.

Topics: DOL, Qualified Plans, Regulation

New DOL rules became effective on April 1, 2018 regarding claims procedures for disability benefits offered in employee benefit plans. The rules apply not only to long-term and short-term disability plans, but may also apply to 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans, as well as non-qualified deferred compensation plans and SERPs. The new rules provide…