Back in-District – AALU Members host Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ)

Chet and Chris began developing their relationship with Congressman Gottheimer in 2017, first meeting with his staff in D.C. and gradually getting to know the Congressman himself. As Chet said at the breakfast: “I’ve been a long-time member of AALU, and at first I was really intimidated by getting to know a member of Congress. But, AALU made it really easy, helped me every step of the way, and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely.”

Over the breakfast, the group spent time discussing the life insurance profession and how critical it is for families to have access to advisors to help them navigate financial decisions. In addition to families, Chet relayed the importance of helping businesses plan for succession – something the Congressman hadn’t really thought that life insurance could be used to do.

Congressman Gottheimer shared a story of purchasing his first whole life policy from a friend of his when he was in his twenties. His friend had to convince him it was worth the investment, but now the Congressman considers it one of the smarter choices he has made financially for his family.

Rep. Gottheimer also shared that he once approached his personal advisor and asked him why he shouldn’t move his investments to a robo-advisor. The advisor replied, “because I’m better than a robo-advisor. And I’ll prove it.” Over the next two years, the advisor consistently beat the performance of the robo-advisor, making the Congressman a strong advocate for professional advice.

Among the other topics discussed were the RESA/SECURE Act, which the Congressman promised to look into supporting, as well as his work with the Problem Solvers Caucus (check out his Ambassador Insider Podcast on that), and the agenda of the Financial Services committee on which he serves.

As the breakfast closed, the Congressman reiterated that his office has an open-door policy and was very much looking to continue the conversation with Chet, Chris, AALU, and Guardian on ways to make it easier for Americans to save and prepare for their financial futures. A big thank you to everyone who supported this event – they simply are not possible without you!

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