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CATEGORY: Fundamental

Session Title: Vitality: Live More

Speakers: Dr. Vonda Wright and Caroline B. McKay, J.D.

Session Description: Aging is not an inevitable decline from vitality to frailty. Dr. Vonda Wright shares her research and wisdom for living MORE vitally every day and highlights the exponential strides we are making with new precision medicine that will change the way we age in this country from conception to death.

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Session Title: Keeping Clients Longer Than Life!

Speaker: Barb Culver

Session Description: Think it's not possible to keep clients longer than life? Think again. During this session, Barb Culver will share insights from her own business as well as industry research to show how to become a trusted advisor for many generations. This session will prepare you with tools and practical tips on how to extend client relationships beyond a single individual and establish close ties for multiple generations resulting in additional assets under management, new life sales and more.

Session Title: Business Succession Planning for Today

Speaker: George Hartman

Session Discription: Clients are better prepared to have the next generation to succeed them than advisors do today. What should be the steps to ensure your legacy is in the best hands for tomorrow? George will go over what he believes is the best strategy for making sure you hand over your business on your terms and in the right way.

Session Title:  Join the Digital Revolution and Grow Your Practice 

Speaker: Bill Unrue

Session Description: 

Everywhere you look, the world is going digital. Whether it’s buying through Amazon or shopping on the iPhone, consumers and businesses are embracing technology. The life insurance industry has been behind the curve in this tech transformation, but that is starting to change.  Insurtech companies have entered the space and are digitizing the life insurance sales journey to meet changing buyer preferences and demographics. How will you adapt? Learn how to prepare for changes in the industry and use technology to simplify and grow your business. 

 This session will focus on these key areas:

  • Emerging competitive market trends in technology – for the producer and distribution entity
  • The key areas of digital transformation
  • The profile of the producer and distribution firm in the digital age 

You’ll walk away with tips and recommendations that will help you transform your business and enhance your bottom line.

Session Title: We Used to Steer the Ship. Now We're Just Passengers.

Speaker: Bobby Samuelson

Session Description: What are the macro-challenges affecting your business right now? Wht are the macro challenges going to be for the next 3-4 years? Technology, financials, regulatory, etc. Here are the 5 major challegens we have faced and this is what it means for your business. A case study approach to building thought capital to making producers think differently about what is creating the environment you are selling within right now and for the future.

Session Title: Selling to the Non-Traditional Family

Speaker: Susan Von Herrmann

Session Description: What are the best practices and tactics for entering into and understanding the nontraditional family marketplace. This includes non married families, LGBT community, and other aspects of the marketplace.


Session Title: Planning 2017: What the Hell Do We Do Now?

Speaker: Larry Brody

Session Description: What would you advise clients on doing now related to estate planning and planning in general? Clients do not want to do anything right now. How do the threats of estate tax repeal, gift tax repeal, or both have on your approach with clients?

Session Title: How Do We Position Life Insurance Today?

Speaker: Michael Amoia

Session Description: Why should life insurance be owned right now with a uncertain political environment? There is still plenty of opportunity even if life insurance is off the table. This session an overview of the possible way professionals can position life insurance to clients and the open avenues available even if the estate tax is off the table.

Session Title: Charitable Giving and Closely Held Businesses 

Speakers: John Gephart, and Ted Batson

Session Description: This presentation will provide the advisor with an overview of this exciting practice specialty As well as practical insights into selecting the most appropriate charitable giving technique that aligns family succession and retirement goals with a legacy of giving and maximizes the income tax benefits of the strategy. The differences between “C”, “S”, and Partnerships will be discussed with regard to gifts of cash,assets,stock and debt encumbered property. Private foundations and the various forms of charitable lead and charitable remainder trusts will also be discussed. Case studies will guide the practitioner through the following real life scenarios:

  • Gifts of undeveloped real estate by an S corporation
  • Gifts of S corporation stock or or partnership interests 
  • Gifts of real estate by a partnership 
  • Transfer by an S corporation of publically traded stock to a charitable remainder trust 
  • Transfer of C corporation stock to a charitable remainder stock

The advisor that develops a practice specialty in this area will enjoy the satisfaction of assisting these entrepreneur heros of our Free Enterprise System achieve their succession and retirement goals while contributing to the good work of their local charities


Session Title: Behind the Curtain: Executive Benefit Design Strategies 

Speaker: Peter Viliesis

Session Description: The “EBGUY” will unveil some secrets and harsh truths about the psychology and holistic planning approach needed when working with closely held business owners on retaining, rewarding and recruiting key people.  A comparison of a SERP to an Insured 162 Bonus plan will demonstrate the various tax, legal, and strategic issues to be considered when designing the proper plan.

Session Title: Current Trends in the Design of SERPs

Speaker: Don Curristan & Chris Rich

Session Description: The panel will discuss unique plan designs, alternative ways to package solutions and non-traditional funding approaches.   

Session Title: De-Mystifying Phantom Stock Arrangements

Speaker: Jim Hebets

Session Description: Executive compensation plans involving company stock, whether real or phantom, are used in both public companies and private closely held companies. Generally, public companies sponsor plans which allocate "actual" shares of stock or stock options whereas closely held companies sponsor plans which allocate "phantom" shares of stock. While the majority of phantom stock plans are utilized inside private companies, there are some distinct applications for phantom stock plans in public companies. A phantom stock plan is an executive compensation technique intended to attract, recruit, retain or reward an executive whereby a unit of value allocated to the executive is derived from the value of enterprise equity, to be received at a later date and possibly subject to restriction. It is meant to personally motivate executives while aligning them with the business owners to increase the enterprise value of the company.

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