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April 28 – April 30, 2019 | Washington, DC

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Professional Development Workshops

Level 101

Immortalizing Your Life Insurance Practice

Building bench strength and a genuine plan for business succession is already hard enough. This process starts by effectively engaging your staff and encouraging them to work toward a successful career in producion. Using two experts who have lived and breathed this process, this presentation is a case study in how to successfully plan for the future.

Speakers: Carl Peterson & Jeri Turley

Level 101

International Market Opportunities, Part II: Agents without Borders

By assembling a star-studded, producer specialist panel from around the world, we will give you an insider’s perspective on the trends perpetuating the Asian, European and South American markets. Join us for the second part of the AALU International Series!

Speakers: Sagar Dalal, Jay Judas, Celso Rosa & Kris Stegall

Level 101

Strategies That Take Change Out of the Equation

Tax law. Product. Strategies. Accessibility. Keeping ahead of the game requires new and innovative solutions and deploying all the resources at your disposal, even ones you never considered using. Join us as we discuss ways you can take change out of the equation.

Speakers: Kristin Bulat & Kris Stegall

Sponsored by NFP

Level 101

Tax Reform Opportunities: Estate Planning Edition

The lifetime gift, estate and GST exemptions have doubled until the end of 2025. So, what does this mean to you and your clients? And where does life insurance fit? This session will review the current rules, things to pay attention to between now and the end of 2025, planning ideas to present to your clients to maximize this
short-term opportunity and how to position life insurance in the discussion. Many planning conversations are driven by the size of the client’s estate, so we’ll highlight ideas that may particularly resonate with different demographics. However, since “estate planning” goes beyond just tax planning, many ideas will overlap and be applicable to a broad range of your clients.

Speaker: Michael Amoia

Level 101

After the Apocalypse: Indexed UL Product Development After AG49

Under imposed regulations, carriers have embraced creative pressure to try and distinguish themselves in the IUL marketplace. In this session LifeTrends will address the post-AG49 landscape, discussing various ways life insurance companies have approached their own interpretations of the regulation. Additionally, Pacific Life, one of the industry-leading pioneers of the indexed universal life product, will address their innovative approach which has allowed them to deliver a cutting-edge IUL offering.

Speakers: Karen Joyner, David Lear & Stephan Mitchell

Level 101

Life Insurance 10X

During this session, Larry J. Rybka, JD, CFP®, CEO and President of Valmark Financial Group, will share four key differentiators that have lasting value-add for any high net worth life prac-tice. Many of Larry’s remarks can be found in the highly anticipated and recently published book, Life Insurance 10X. Co-authored by Larry and 13 premier life insurance veterans, the book shares experiences and thoughts for revolutionizing the way insurance is perceived and implemented today, showcasing strategies, tools and tangible deliverables for making the advisor and client experience ten times (10X) better. This session will be particularly helpful for insurance producers and carriers as they think about how they need to change to adhere to the best interests standard for life insurance.

Speaker: Larry Rybka

Level 201

Hitting the Trifecta: Case Study in Comprehensive Business Planning

This is an actual ownership succession case study for a small/medium private company. It has all the fun stuff – crazy buy-sell arrangement, split dollar, generational planning, long term incentive plan for non-family key people, COLI funded 409A and more. Join us for hands on, real life examples that you can use tomorrow in this marketplace.

Speakers: Bruce Brownell & Scott Cahill

Level 201

Tax Reform Opportunities: 10 Good Life Insurance Planning Ideas

It is often said that change creates opportunities. This is particularly true of tax law changes. Although changes in the tax laws can close some doors, new doors are inevitably opened. This session will focus on ten planning opportunities that life insurance professionals can capitalize on to po-sition life insurance in both the estate and business planning markets.

Speakers: Kristin Bulat & Tim McFarland

Level 201

Product Diversification or Diversified Product

Guarantees and interest rates got you down? Guarantees are great but prices have been going up and, although recently starting to rise, interest rates have remained low. In response, industry sales of products that capture more potential for yield and/or cash value accumulation have been on the rise. This session will focus on best practices for optimizing life insurance cases by combining IUL, VUL and Whole Life together to help minimize risk and maximize return long term for protection-focused and accumulation-focused designs alike.

Speakers: Dan Byrne & Michael Fontanini

Sponsored by Lion Street

Level 201

International Market Opportunities, Part I: The New Frontier

What opportunities can you glean from the international marketplace today? In the first of a two part series, we will explore the legal perspective in the international wealth transfer market to better arm you for a fast changing environment.

Speaker: Christiana Lazo

Level 201

The Real Fear of Missing Out: Coaching Clients through Volatility

What’s the cost of fear for your clients? We’ll take a look at the psychology behind investors’ irrational, fear-based decisions in the face of volatility, as well as how to manage their risk tolerance to keep them comfortably invested so they can achieve their long-term goals. Guaranteed solutions and how to implement them will be discussed.

Speaker: Kevin Russ

Sponsored by Brighthouse Financial

Level 201

Embracing the Uncertainty...How to Get Clients to Take Action

Tax Reform. Market Volatility. Inflation Concerns. In this environment of uncertainty, how can you get your clients to take action? This session will focus on forward thinking strategies using life insurance to help clients overcome their concerns about moving forward with planning in these changing times. Join us for a discussion on these strategies which will include using timeless guarantees, flexibility, product diversification and innovation to help streamline the buying process.

Speakers: Jennifer Dorfmeister & Matt Sullivan

Sponsored by The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company

Level 201

Foreign National Opportunities

You are invited to join Bill Crane, VP of Advanced Markets at Global Atlantic, for an informative and interactive discussion on Global Atlantic’s Foreign Nationals guidelines and life insurance opportunities in this growing market.
Bill will review real-world case studies involving the sale of life insurance to foreign nationals and will discuss ways that changing demographics, globalization, foreign investment, taxation and educational opportunities influence this dynamic market.

Speaker: William Crane

Level 201

New Opportunities - New Considerations

Join the John Hancock leadership team in Advanced Markets and Underwriting in a timely discussion on opportunities post tax reform. The introduction of increasingly popular riders, such as LTC and Critical Illness, present third party ownership challenges, and more importantly how business owners utilize these offerings. Does financial underwriting stay the same or shift under these new dynamics? Change creates opportunities through more sophisticated planning for you and the trusted Advisors. Let’s explore and outline the important tax and financial underwriting considerations in our brave new world.

This session will offer revenue driving ideas and introduce resources to help you educate your centers of influence.

Speakers: Susan Ghalili & Caroline McKay

Sponsored by John Hancock Insurance

Level 201

More Than Tax Cuts, Opportunities Abound

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the most significant tax legislation in 30 years. The broad, sweeping changes create life insurance opportunities for your clients using Securian Financial products. Topics discussed in this session include: An overview of the individual tax law changes outlining opportunities using life insurance in a retirement strategy and as a long term care solution.

Speakers: Brendon Heskett, Jennifer Ortale & Channing Schmidt

Sponsored by Securian Financial

Level 201

Tax Reform Opportunities: Executive Benefits Edition

Utilizing 162 bonus plans as a tool to reward key executives, while overcoming the limitations associated with qualified plans. Identifying the advan-tages to both business owners and executives, and key considerations for designing these plans.

Speakers: Jim Hebets & Rhonda Miller

Level 201

How to Discuss LTC Coverage With the Affluent and Unraveling the Self-Insure Myths

The generic “need for LTC” conversation does not work for every client – especially for more affluent clients. This presentation will provide you with tools and language that will help you pivot to the realities and consequences the affluent client could face due to a long-term care event.

Join us to learn: Why long-term care expenses are higher for affluent clients; how to discuss LTC in terms of the portfolio, not the person; how to pivot the client to “self-assuring” instead of “self-insuring” and sales ideas that implement these strategies.

Speaker: Shawn Britt

Sponsored by Nationwide

Level 301

Premium Financing Update and Best Practices

How does premium financing deal with a rising interest environment? We will use case studys with a stable cash flow vs increasing interest payments vs accrual. Let’s take a look at the oppor-tunities that exist in life insurance retirement plans, foreign nationals and global wealthy citizens.

Speakers: Michael Fontanini & Michael Seltzer

Level 301

Improving Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Returns Using Life Insurance, Part II: A Framework for Life Insurance Professionals

Last year, at the AALU Annual Meeting, we introduced a quantitative framework on how to define expected return, standard deviation and Sharpe ratios on life insurance death benefits to better position life insurance as an asset class. In this session we will move the positioning further and bridge the gap between quantitative/academic modeling with real-life applications for life insurance professionals. The presentation will ultimately convey a step-by-step approach to selling life insurance as an asset class to investors and portfolio managers with long investment time horizons, such as family offices, corporations, perpetual trusts and legacy asset portfolios. With the broad-based acceptance around the quantitative framework presented last year, we’ll now address applicability in a direct client context to help them understand the long-term value of life insurance as a non-correlated asset class and how it lowers the long-term risk metrics of a multi-generational portfolio.

Speaker: Chris Kaplan

Sponsored by AXA

Level 301

The Reincarnation of Equity Split Dollar

Did you think equity split dollar died as a result of the final split dollar regulations issued in 2003? Equity Split Dollar has been reincarnated in a big (10) way as a result of recent publicity regarding such arrangements being included in the compen-sation packages of high-profile university football coaches, such as Jim Harbaugh and Dabo Swinney. In addition to dissecting the actual split dollar agreement between Harbaugh and the University of Michigan, this session will discuss how these arrangements can be used effectively to attract, reward and/or retain key employees of, and be of tremendous benefit to, both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, especially in light of tax reform.

Speaker: Michael Fontanini

Level 301

How COLI can Still be a Desired Financing Vehicle Under The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?

COLI has been one of the most prevalent mechanisms for corporations to finance the long term obligations of their executive compensation and benefit programs. TCJA’s reduction in corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% has reduced the attractiveness of COLI. This session will focus on the ways that today’s product features can be incorporated into plan designs, expanding the appeal of COLI beyond its tax.

Speaker: Adam Sandahl

Level 301

The PPLI Opportunity for Producers

Hear why the private placement life insurance (“PPLI”) market can be attractive to producers and how it can help clients. Our presenters will share their insights on how they market these solutions, who they market the solutions to, and what the current trends are.

Speakers: Ken Foley, Michael Mingolelli & Eric Naison-Philips

Level 301

Generational Split Dollar Update and Best Practices

Intergenerational split dollar is a transaction with many unresolved issues. Presenters will begin with a review of the economic benefit and loan rules to establish a foundation for understanding the intergenerational transaction. Then, they will discuss when intergenerational split dollar should be considered, the issues the practitioner must address, practical applications and policy designs and case law impacting the decision-making process. Both legal and insurance perspectives will be shared throughout the presentation.

Speakers: Keith Buck, Walt Helms & Mary Ann Mancini

Level 301

Portfolio Stabalization using Life Insurance

Learn how life insurance can be a way to mitigate a volatile portfolio. This presenta-tion showcases the evolution and marriage between assets under management (AUM) and life insurance to ensure the best solutions for today’s marketplace.

Speakers: Leigh Harter & Howard Sharfman