Ambassadors in Action: Jeff Peterson with Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) & Gabe Schulman with Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ)

This past Monday, AALU Ambassador Jeff Peterson hosted Rep. Mike Thompson at the Northwestern Mutual Offices in San Francisco. Rep. Thompson, who represents Northern California’s 5th district which covers Napa Valley, has long been a champion of financial and retirement security issues facing our industry and consumers.

The conversation was a productive one, with Jeff sharing a personal story about how life insurance was critical for a family member of his. Jeff really drove home the point with the Congressman about the need to help Americans save for retirement, highlighting the SECURE Act that recently passed with the Congressman’s support. Rep. Thompson encouraged Jeff, Northwestern Mutual, and AALU to stay close with him as he suspected retirement would continue to be a hot button issue for this Congress.

Fun Fact – the Congressman’s nephew is a life insurance agent at the same office!  

In addition, Gabe Schulman met with Rep. Debbie Lesko (D-AZ) as she traveled through New York City, highlighting the ability of AALU members to meet with Members of Congress despite not being constituents. They had a great meeting discussing the importance of the life insurance profession and helping clients to plan for their financial future.