Ambassadors in Action – Congressman Schweikert tours MassMutual Office in Phoenix

Congressman Schweikert, who serves on the Ways and Means Committee, visited with Jeff and the team in Phoenix. Representative Schweikert’s day began with a tour of the facility, which included a history of the company and an overview of the profession’s footprint in Arizona. He saw firsthand the team that works to provide value for clients across the nation.

Following the tour, Congressman Schweikert was joined by nearly 30 managers for lunch. During lunch, the Congressman provided an update on what’s going on in Washington, D.C. Jeff thanked the Congressman for his help in passing the SECURE Act. The Congressman professed Congress’ obsession with retirement policy and predicted more policy making to help more Americans save for retirement.

Rep. Schweikert overviewed differences between the work the district office does, helping constituents, and the work done in D.C., shaping policy. He reminded the group the importance of advocating for the profession and clients you serve.

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