Membership Benefits

Advocacy – Protect Your Clients

AALU is the voice in Washington to help you defeat excessive regulations and increased taxation on Capitol Hill. That puts money and time back in your pocket.

  • AALU advises regulators.
  • We influence legislation.
  • We promote the profession.
  • We align the industry.

The Benefit of AALU’s Work

Our work helps individuals and families secure their retirement and maintain financial independence in the face of potential catastrophe. AALU members also work with businesses large and small to protect their employees, finance benefit plans, and provide liquidity in a crisis to preserve the business as an ongoing concern.

Traditional AALU Markets:

  1. Preserve the current, appropriate tax treatment of life insurance products for both individual and business uses.
  2. Secure estate tax permanence and certainty.
  3. Protect Corporate and Bank Owned Life insurance along with current treatment of non-qualified deferred compensation plans.

Broader Industry Issues:

  1. Shape workable regulatory standards of care emerging from DOL, SEC, NAIC, or other relevant regulatory bodies.
  2. Promote and expand access to retirement savings vehicles and plans provided by the life insurance industry, by advocating for policy proposals such as the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA).
  3. Defend against detrimental changes to carrier taxation in aftermath of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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