ACCESS - Membership Under 40

AALU ACCESS is geared toward early career, aspirational financial security professionals focused on taking their business to the next level.

AALU ACCESS provides members the tools to grow your practice and connect with trusted members of the financial security community, building relationships and learning valuable lessons along the way. ACCESS invests in individuals dedicated to the financial security profession, giving them the platform to connect with others like them – 
sharing stories of where they have been, tools to help them get where they’re going, and ways to accomplish their goals by leveraging the knowledge of AALU’s core membership.

Get to Know

Howard Insurance
AALU Member Since 2014

Since 2004, Andrea has earned a trusted reputation for her consultative approach to providing life insurance solutions for individuals, business owners & executives. Her areas of expertise include the use of insurance in the areas of family wealth transfer planning & business succession planning. Andrea sits on the Program & Experience Committee for TRANSFORM 2019 & is always willing to share her experiences as an AALU member.