Jerry Sherman Award

The Gerald H. Sherman Service Award, named for its first recipient, is a prestigious recognition of the accomplishments and contributions made in helping AALU fulfill its mission to  strengthen, grow, promote, and advocate for the life insurance community. Gerald (Jerry) Sherman was AALU’s Chief Counsel and long-time author of The Washington Report.  During his 60 year partnership with AALU, Jerry was our steadfast advocate and our passionate leader.  Through this award, he remains a legend of AALU.

Past Recipients

2018 – Nathan Perlmutter 2011 – Stuart Lewis
2017 – Chairman Bill Archer & Senator Kent Conrad 2010 – Robert Preble
2016 – Campbell Gerrish 2008 – Peter Mullin
2015 – Robert Plybon 2007 – John Todd
2014 – Mac Nease, III 2005 – Gerald Sherman
2013 – Ken Cohen
2012 – David Downey