Since 1957, AALU has been the leading organization of financial professionals who provide life insurance and retirement planning solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. AALU has a rich history of success with a single focus on the issues impacting life and annuity products, and the clients its members serve. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AALU is committed to providing our members with the essential tools and services required to help grow their businesses, serve their clients, and protect the financial and retirement security of the American people.

Join more than 2,200 industry professionals who include career and independent advisors, managers, and home office professionals. AALU is your partner in advancing your career, your business and your profession.

Who We Are

AALU is the trusted, influential voice for life insurance and annuities distribution in Washington, D.C. with a heritage of leadership and success. Since 1957, we have provided our members with essential tools and services for professional development, networking, and advocacy.

Our Mission

To advocate on behalf of our members, who promote the financial and retirement security of the American people.

Our Vision

We represent the financial security profession.

The American people live healthier, longer, and more productive lives when they own life insurance and annuities as critical components of a holistic financial plan.

Our Values

Our Future

AALU is working towards changing the narrative surrounding the financial services profession. At TRANSFORM 2019, AALU’s Annual Meeting, CEO Marc Cadin discussed the importance of aligning as an industry to promote our noble profession.


Timeline of Success

  1. In 1984-1985 Tax on Life Insurance Inside Buildup Defeated.
  2. In 1990 Legislation to Change Treatment of Business Uses of Life Insurance Proposed; Does Not Advance.
  3. In 1992 Tax on Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) and Annuities Defeated.
  4. In 1998-2000 Attacks on COLI, Annuities, Variable Life, and More Defeated.
  5. In 2002 Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) and COLI Attacks Repelled.
  6. In 2003-2006 COLI “Best Practices” and Benefits Legislation Signed Into Law.
  7. In 2010 Reunification of Estate and Gift Tax and Exemptions Enacted.
  8. Language in Dodd-Frank to Study and Safeguard Standards of Conduct at the SEC.
  9. In 2012 Estate Tax Reform with Reunification Made Permanent.
  10. In 2009-2013 Series of Taxes on COLI & DRD Rebuffed.
  11. In 2014 Tax Reform Legislation Dies; Included $60 Billion in Taxes Against Carriers and Products.
  12. In 2015 Inside Buildup of Life Insurance Taken off the Joint Committee on Taxation’s Tax Expenditure List.
  13. In 2017 Inside Buildup of Life Insurance Taken off the Treasury Department’s Tax Expenditures List.
  14. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Key Results:

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  1. In 2018 Onerous Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule Vacated by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  2. In 2019 Treasury clarifies that life insurance professionals are eligible for the full 20% small business deduction under Section 199A.

AALU is proud of our achievements, but we are even more excited about our future. To learn more watch CEO Marc Cadin’s address to TRANSFORM 2019, AALU’s Annual Meeting.