AALU/GAMA Provides In-Depth Look at Stimulus Impact on Financial Security Profession and Clients

AALU/GAMA Provides In-Depth Look at Stimulus Impact on Financial Security Profession and Clients

Webinar addresses questions on understanding and taking advantage of the legislation; open to entire profession and public

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Responding to the need for an understanding of implications of the various stimulus bills, AALU/GAMA hosted a webinar covering the numerous provisions that will apply to members of the profession, their clients, and business owners impacted by the legislation. AALU/GAMA experts, Chris Morton and Armstrong Robinson, along with outside counsel Ken Kies, former chief of staff to the Joint Committee on Taxation, walked listeners through the specifics of the bill and took questions from hundreds.

“Our goal is to help the millions of people who need guidance on what the various pieces of legislation mean to them,” AALU/GAMA CEO Marc Cadin said. “We had over 1,000 people register for this webinar in less than 24 hours. The feedback was extraordinary. Our nation is navigating uncharted waters, and we want to do everything we can to ensure not only our members have the resources they need, but everyone in this profession and the people they serve.”

“People are desperate for information,” said Kelly Kidwell, chairman of AALU/GAMA’s Board of Directors and CEO of Pacific Advisors. “The expertise on the AALU/GAMA team is invaluable, and I encourage everyone to visit the COVID-19 Action Center for webinars such as this and so much more. Whether it’s how to operate remotely or how to help guide your clients during this time, it’s all there for you.”

“This was exactly the information I needed to make informed decisions about my businesses and how to move forward during this uncertain time,” said Bobby Lynett, owner and operator of two small businesses in Pennsylvania, PA Signs and Sekula Signs. “I now feel like we can make a plan and understand the options before us that will help us get through this challenging time.”

View the full webinar here. AALU/GAMA plans to do a follow-up webinar on Tuesday, March 31, to answer additional questions received.

Launched last week, the AALU/GAMA COVID-19 Action Center: Navigating the Crisis Together is open to the entire financial security profession and anyone needs access to this information. The center provides resources, including advisor-to-advisor advice, insights such as the historically low Applicable Federal Rate (AFR), best practices on working remotely, and in-depth policy analysis on Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, paid leave, and the various phases of the stimulus packages. You can view those here.

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